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I am the type of person who listens to all kinds of music and you will never see me walking down the street dressed in all leather, with long hair and some chains on, or with a fitted cap, do-rag, some baggy pants hanging below my knees and some timberland boots on. This means that I am not bent on showing my musical preferences in the way I dress, walk, talk, look and act.

However, a large part of my formation as a person came from hip hop and I am proud to say it. I am white, I have had a normal childhood and my friends are not killers and junkies but I still resonate with hip hop music on a certain level, because it is a powerful genre of music that transmits a positive message if you know how to listen to it and what tracks to listen to.


Now you are probably wondering why I bring up hip hop music in an article about LA fitness locations. Let me explain. Hip hop is a movement and, at its best, it teaches about discipline, respect for one’s self and for one’s peers and dedication and loyalty to something greater than yourself. One of the elements included in the discipline of life is fitness of the mind and fitness of the body.

Fitness of the mind and fitness of the body are interconnected and one cannot be fully achieved without the other. As such, within the hip hop movement, there is a thing, a crew, making videos and educational materials about fitness for the streets or ghetto workouts. And there are some editions made in Los Angeles as well.

Basically, this means that LA fitness locations are everywhere you look.

Most of them are on the beaches, and there are a few beaches known for their toned body standards and the for the fact that a little bit of fat on a portion of your body will make you look out of place there. However, those guys making the fitness for the streets and ghetto workout videos keep showing and telling that fitness and workouts can be unfolded anywhere. From fire escape ladders to lamp posts on the street and going through children’s playgrounds and even a flat piece of terrain no wider than six feet on every side, say a parking lot.


You can do push ups and pull ups, as well as sit ups, crunches, squats and so on, and all you have to do is use your imagination.

Of course, when you look at these guys and see how they move on the monkey bars and on the jungle gyms, you will feel like you are a fat slob and they are born to do this, because they do some very difficult exercises with the ease you would apply to typing your name on a computer. But it is all achieved with practice and more practice.

And it does not need to be something programmed or regular. Say you are out on the streets, just hanging out and doing nothing, and you have five minutes to spare.

Do some push ups, do some pull ups, then hold for a while, then do some more push ups or pull ups.

If you do this whenever you have some free time, soon you will feel strong as a bull and capable of anything, but the basic idea is that fitness locations, in Los Angeles or anywhere else, are where you are. You do not need to look for them. You are standing on them.